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Our well respected bi-monthly publication Britain In Hong Kong has a distribution of approximately 10,000 subscribers and is circulated digitally to our members both in Hong Kong and overseas. It goes to a database of business contacts in Hong Kong in all the major sectors of business, and it is also distributed to key government figures in the UK and Hong Kong.

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Britain in Hong Kong: Nov-Dec 2023 Issue 86

In the latest issue of Britain in Hong Kong, “HOW CLEAN INNOVATION CAN BOOST CLIMATE ACTION”, we gain insights from our members on this topic who share their views from across different industries. “Clean innovations could play a vital role in the decarbonisation pathway and climate action. It accelerates the journey for climate resilience, and with the right application, it can create positive value for businesses and investors."

Our Chair, Ir Dr Anne Kerr, shares an update on the Chamber’s activities over the past two months including the Annual General Meeting, doorknock week in London, the BritCham Hong Kong Summit, and the upcoming GBA trip.

This issue also includes articles from other member companies on their sustainability journey, the appeal of boarding, luxurious eco escapes, money conversations with your children, and more.

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