Reports & Articles 2023

Accenture Technology Vision 2023

14/04/2023 - Accenture

Accenture released their annual Technology Vision report, revealing that generative AI and other rapidly evolving technologies are creating radically new opportunities for businesses as the physical and digital world become inextricably linked.

The Accenture Technology Vision 2023, "When Atoms Meet Bits: The Foundations of Our New Reality", explores four digital trends underpinning the convergence of the physical and digital, as businesses look to embrace this new reality as a path towards reinvention. 

For over 20 years, Accenture has taken a systematic review across the enterprise landscape to identify emerging technology trends that would greatly impact businesses and industries.

For more information on Technology Vision 2023, read or download the full report here.


Colliers Quarterly Q1 2023

12/04/2023 - Colliers

Colliers released its quarterly review for Q1 2023, examining the market movement and performance of the industrial, retail, office and investment real estate sectors in Hong Kong. Research revealed a slower-than-expected recovery for Hong Kong's core real estate sectors, with any uptick from the Hong Kong-China border reopening being overshadowed by heightened geopolitical tensions and a weakening global economy. 

While the office, industrial and investment real estate sectors varied in performance, retail is pulling ahead in terms of recovery, with the sector reacting best to the full reopening of the city's borders on 6 February.

Read or download the full report here.


Mazars in Hong Kong Transparency Report 2022

28/03/2023 - Mazars in Hong Kong

Mazars in Hong Kong is pleased to share their 2022 transparency report, which includes consolidated financial statements prepared under the International Financial Reporting Standards and audited by two external auditors. Looking ahead to 2023, Mazars in Hong Kong hopes to emerge stronger in the post-pandemic era and reaffirm their commitment to transparency, integrity and accountability.

Read the full 2022 transparency report here.


Future of Health Insurance in Asia Pacific

16/03/2023 - Capco

Asia-Pacific’s health insurers are adopting increasingly ambitious data-driven, digitally-enabled business models that emphasise risk prevention. In this new white paper, Capco has taken the opportunity to share their thoughts with two industry leaders in this space – Roche and AIA – and to capture their key insights in relation to the changes that we are already seeing around the region.

Download the paper to explore the path ahead for health insurance in Asia-Pacific.


The evolving power dynamic between people and organisations - Accenture Life Trends 2023

24/3/2023 - Accenture

Providing vital foresight into people's changing behavior and evolving relationship with technology, Accenture Life Trends 2023 (formerly Fjord Trends), explores the evolving power dynamics between people and organizations. These will present incredible opportunities for businesses to develop relationships with customers like never before.

Here is a snapshot of each trend:

  • Trend 1: I will survive: permacrisis and human adaptability
    As people internalize instability as a norm, how they adapt will affect what they buy, and how they view brands and employers—and companies need to be ready.

  • Trend 2: I’m a believer: what’s next for loyalty?
    New technologies are enabling a new wave of community-first, product-later models that will transform loyalty programs into true relationships.

  • Trend 3: As it was: the importance of work intangibles
    The return to the office is not yet a success and leaders need to redesign their solution with clarity of purpose at the core and a life-centric approach to getting employees on board.

  • Trend 4: OK, Creativity: AI puts creativity in people’s hands
    Once a tool for repetitive tasks, AI has become a co-pilot that’s available to everyone as part of their creative process, and organizations have decisions to make.

  • Trend 5: Signed, sealed, delivered: Digital wallets: a question of adoption
    People may soon regain control of their data through digital wallets, and the devil is in the detail when we design to ensure adoption.

Read the full report here.


Adapting, upgrading or moving: Creating an inspiring workspace as costs rise around the world

20/2/2023 - Crown Workspace

Global inflation is causing costs to rise all over the world. The economic slowdown comes at a time when attitudes towards where, when, and how people work are undergoing a monumental shift.

The requirement to match workspaces with workforce needs has never been more important, as competition for the best talent continues to get stronger.

Smooth and cost-effective office relocations or refurbishments are crucial to the success of most organizations and the well-being of employees. Meticulous project management is essential.

Download Crown Workspace’s whitepaper: Adapting, upgrading or moving: creating an inspiring workspace in 2023 as economic pressures intensify for an informed view on how the costs associated with an office move, or refurbishment can be managed and mitigated, even as prices rise.

For more information about the whitepaper, visit here.

Accenture China Digital Transformation Index 2022 - Digital Transformation: A Sustainable Evolution Journey


Accenture invites you to read their latest China Digital Transformation Index report, published in December 2022.

The Accenture China Digital Transformation Index is a cross-industry framework that assesses a company's rotation progress based on 52 key metrics of four-level indicators. The study surveyed 574 Chinese companies in nine industries, including electronic components and materials, high-tech electronic manufacturing, automotive and engineering machinery, medical and pharmaceutical, fast-moving consumer goods, logistics and aviation, traditional retail, chemicals/building material and metallurgy.

The report listed six key areas of action that will help China companies strengthen their digital transformation:

  • Leverage open innovation for long-term growth: By developing a full suite of innovation capabilities across their ecosystem of customers, partners and suppliers, companies can reshape their competitive advantage – from improving technology, products and services to supporting industrial upgrades and sustainable development.
  • Lead with human centricity: Shift the focus from optimizing touch points to offering value by developing products and services that meet customers’ essential needs and providing human-centric experiences with the help of digital technologies.
  • Build platforms for a diversified workforce: Lead with the combination of technology adoption and talent to improve workforce resiliency and enable a timely response to evolving business needs. Upskilling people in the digital environment will greatly improve operational efficiency and help drive innovation.
  • Enhance data-driven intelligent operations: Accelerate data aggregation to ensure the quality and availability of the data on the cloud and pave the way for seamless data flow to support more frequent and complicated decision-making processes.
  • Develop resilience through transparency: Gain full visibility across production lines, customers and suppliers by deploying analytics and artificial intelligence. Secure a resilient supply chain to predict potential risks and act on them in real-time.
  • Realize the full potential of tech: As new digital technologies continue to emerge, companies need to leverage them in combination to further accelerate reinvention and achieve synergy in products and services innovation, management and ecosystem development

Click here to read the full report.


Accenture releases Sustainability Insight report - Uniting Technology and Sustainability

6/1/2023 - Accenture

Accenture is delighted to share their latest Sustainability Insight report - "Uniting Technology and Sustainability". 

Sustainability has become a priority for business leaders, who are facing rising pressure for change. In fact, new research shows an effective sustainable technology strategy can help drive not just ESG performance, but talent recruitment, customer experience, innovation and, ultimately, business growth.  

Businesses now find themselves needing to become sustainable, with technology once again taking center stage. In other words, sustainable is the new digital.

In their latest report, Accenture looks at the critical role CIOs play in supporting their company's transformation to a sustainable organisation, and the challenges they face in embracing sustainable technology. 

Click here to view the full report.