Reports & Articles 2022

The Bank of the Future

29/11/2022 – Capco

Capco’s latest Bank of the Future report surveyed 5,000 consumers across Asia-Pacific region including Hong Kong, the wider Greater Bay Area, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia to understand the consumer attitudes towards retail banking. The survey offers a snapshot of consumer expectations and behaviors in these five markets and identifies key opportunities and calls to action for retail banks.

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Control Risks launches the Top Risks for Business in 2023

24/11/2022 - Control Risks

Businesses will face a historically broad and deep set of risks in 2023, posing interconnected and existential threats across geographies and sectors. Launching its annual RiskMap forecast featuring the Top Risks for business, Control Risks pointed to a combination of fractious geopolitics, armed conflict, disrupted energy systems, economic strife, and disarray in digital networks during the coming year.

Navigating the year ahead will be tough for any organisation. Control Risks is here to help you see the risks and opportunities more clearly and better manage strategy and businesses.

Read the insights to see how Control Risks has mapped risks and considered some of the critical issues.

Discover RiskMap 2023 here

Accenture releases Cloud report - Unlocking Innovation in Hybrid Cloud Environment

19/10/2022 - Accenture

Accenture is delighted to share one of their most popular Cloud reports - "Unlocking Innovation in Hybrid Cloud Environments".

In this report, Accenture outlines how companies can build integrated and lean hybrid cloud architectures and unlock innovation with agile cloud environments. By bringing the innovation of public cloud into hybrid, Accenture is equipped to help enterprises weave hybrid cloud solutions into the fabric of their business.

From insights to action, the path to extraordinary value starts here.

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Accenture releases Technology Vision 2022 report

05/09/2022 - Accenture

Accenture is delighted to share their annual Technology Vision report for 2022 - Meet Me In The Metaverse.

For 22 years, the annual Accenture Technology Vision report has identified the latest technology trends that will have the greatest impact on companies, government agencies, and other organisations in the next three years. 

The report presents the new wave of digital change, the Metaverse Continuum - a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, realities, and business models poised to revolutionise life and enterprise in the next decade.  Enterprises looking to take that leap into the digital but more importantly leading the empowerment of disruption within customer experiences and beyond should have a read of the report enclosed.

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Accenture releases latest research on ever-ready infrastructure

16/08/2022 - Accenture

Enterprise technology continues to advance at an accelerated pace. And each step forward surpasses the next. As the saying goes, “the more advanced technology gets, the quicker it becomes more advanced”. From multi-cloud and hybrid cloud to AI and ML to edge computing, these advances have unlocked an enormous number of new opportunities for generating business value.

The catch? They’ve also left IT departments severely pressed to keep up—let alone get ahead of the technology curve.

In their latest report, Accenture looks at the importance of ever-ready IT infrastructure and how organisations can take the first steps towards transformation.

In brief:

  • As the Cloud Continuum evolves, IT departments face more pressure to meet faster transformation deadlines while supporting more complex technology.
  • Companies must evolve how they architect, develop and operate tech infrastructure—including compute, network, workplace and data platforms.
  • Accenture’s Stabilize-Optimize-Transform approach can help enterprises truly reinvent their business with cloud.
  • Other key considerations for companies include building a strong network to meet your Continuum needs and creating the right workplace environment.

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Nurturing Leaders to Manage through Covid-19 in our VUCA World

06/07/2022 - Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

As we emerge from the immediate challenges of Covid-19, leaders and employees have started asking far-ranging questions about the future too, including what the legacy of the pandemic will be and what kinds of leadership skills we will need to navigate the post-Covid world successfully. In fact, research shows leaders must prioritise purpose, trust, empathy and inclusivity to emerge stronger.

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There are always opportunities if we make the right move in difficult times

06/07/2022 - Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

The pandemic challenges facing China’s executive education sector include business strategy lessons, says Justin Leung, CMI Hong Kong Board Member.

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Tomorrow’s Workspaces Today

23/06/2022 - Crown Relocation

Introducing new working practices and polices is a task you need to get right first time. Repeating the process could be expensive, time consuming and disruptive for employees. As an employer it’s likely you’re deciding where your employees will be working in the coming years: home, office or a hybrid of both? 

Our latest whitepaper: Tomorrow’s Workspaces Today explores the question in detail. We've spoken to a range of experts across the world, from different parts of the business world to share an informed view on what the future workplace will look like, the pros and cons of the different working models and the impact your decision can have.

This whitepaper includes:
Data-driven insight on the different working models and how it impacts 
The pros and cons of working from home vs working in the office from both perspectives including impact on mental heath and productivity
Helping you define your future with expert driven insight and data to support you in making the right decision

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Workplace Prioritized

23/05/2022 - ISS Facility Services

Employee engagement is now the top priority for global businesses and nearly two-thirds (62%) are investing in their offices, according to a new global survey by ISS. The majority of companies (69%) have no plans to reduce office space while those which do plan to reduce are at the same time investing significantly in enabling better innovation and collaboration among their employees. All in all, the office is being repurposed on a global scale.

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Colliers Quarterly | Q1 2022 | Investment

19/04/2022 - Colliers

The Colliers Quarterly Reports for Q1 2022 reported that market uncertainties delay decision making and curtail transaction volume ahead of expected H2 recovery. Total investment volume slowed down along with the more stringent social-distancing rules in place since late January. Looking ahead, Colliers expects the investment market to remain slow in Q2 but believes market momentum and activities will likely improve in H2 2022.

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Colliers Quarterly | Q1 2022 | Office

19/04/2022 - Colliers

The Colliers Quarterly Reports for Q1 2022 reported that market uncertainties delay decision making and curtail transaction volume ahead of expected H2 recovery. Office space demand weakened in Q1 2022, largely due to inspection activities being held up, resulted in the overall vacancy rate climbed slightly to 10.9% in the quarter.

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Top 3 Global Mobility trends and innovations in 2022 

04/04/2022 - Crown

There are many areas of progress that have developed through the pandemic, that have positively influenced business as a whole and the Global Mobility industry in particular.

The main features of the trends we are focusing on this year highlight the themes of inclusion, cooperating and sustainability. We can see that the advancements around these themes are accelerating and affect both business as well as Global Mobility priorities and influence positive shifts in a number of ways.

To find out more, download Crown World Mobility’s whitepaper here.


Post COP26 – Combatting climate change in Hong Kong and beyond

16/03/2022 - Arup

Following COP26, there is a growing realisation that the world must take more ambitious and immediate actions towards decarbonisation and adaptation to avoid the irreversible damage of climate change.

This paper is published by Arup, in collaboration with Civic Exchange, Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Hong Kong Association, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and World Green Building Council (WGBC). It offers insights into how we can contribute to – and capitalise on – the outcomes of COP26.

The document sets out a series of strategies and measures for the built environment to reduce carbon emissions, while optimising wider benefits and opportunities. These will make Hong Kong a leading example in combatting climate change.

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Jersey well positioned for SPACS growth

02/03/2022 - Jersey Finance

Whilst Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) are not necessarily new concepts, over the past year or so, there has been something of an explosion in their use as companies seeking capital from public markets, together with investors, have seen the benefits of this alternative to the traditional IPO route.

Traditionally, the US has been the hub for SPAC activity - according to SPAC Analytics, there were fewer than 60 SPAC listings in 2019 compared to 248 in 2020, raising US$83bn.

There are a number of reasons for this growth, including the fact that SPACs tend to be more flexible, cost-efficient and quicker than the usual IPO model. 

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Hong Kong Banking Outlook 2022

27/01/2022 - KPMG 

The Hong Kong Banking Outlook 2022 by KPMG provides predictions for the banking industry across 11 key areas. A number of key trends cut through all of the articles.

Firstly, there is the issue of talent. KPMG clients have revealed that the shortage of talent is proving to be more severe than in previous years and they are facing difficulties in obtaining specialist expertise. The attraction and retention of talent will therefore be a major priority for banks.

Technology investment is also a constant theme. While digital transformation has already been ongoing for many years, it remains a key focus for banks. This is evident in areas such as customer experience, operations, regulatory compliance and risk management.

Lastly, it is expected that ESG will become important for all stakeholders in a bank, investors, customers, employees and increasingly the regulators too. ESG will change how banks are operating internally, but also how they interact with customers externally. Click here to download the full report.

Click here to download the full report.


The Future of Sporting Partnerships in Asia

27/01/2022 - CSM 

This report highlights what the global sports and entertainment industry achieved in 2021, the challenges and the shifts. The report also discusses how to evolve and find new ways to bring sport and entertainment to consumers when they need it most, as well as showcasing some of the key trends and developments that continue to innovate and shape the future of the industry.

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Hong Kong Property Market Outlook 2022

19/01/2022 - Colliers

The Market Outlook for 2022 looks at Hong Kong’s core sectors (office, industrial, retail, investment) and has forecast a measured yet steady market stabilisation in year of continued recovery, renewal and reset. The research explains we expect a moderate start to the year, with momentum gathering pace from the second quarter onwards. Prices and rents have reset to a more attractive level, and we see now as a good time for investors and occupiers to drive their real estate strategies to capitalise on growth opportunities. 

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International short-term assignment policy – global trends analysis and insight

13/01/2022 - Crown

Industry benchmarking can provide key insights into policy development. Whether your assignment objectives are skill building or to fill an employment gap, Crown World Mobility’s expert report contains global trends analysis and insight to help you achieve more.

From post-arrival to assignment end, the report provides a snapshot of data from 62 company policies worldwide housed in Crown World Mobility’s proprietary Policy Analyzer tool.

Download Crown World Mobility’s expert report here.



Doing business in Hong Kong 2022 

06/01/2022 - Mazars

This guide aims to assist those who are interested in starting a business in Hong Kong. It features various topics for companies to focus on shaping the path ahead, such as setting up business entities in Hong Kong, import issues, tax and financial systems, financial reporting and audit standards, and labour and employment.

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