Reports & Articles 2021


Colliers | Looking Beyond: Trends & Opportunities in Hong Kong's Hotel Environment 

01/12/2021 - Colliers

The hotel sector in Hong Kong SAR continues to attract interest from those who recognise the city's longer-term potential, despite challenges faced with COVID-19 and border restrictions that have led to a lack of mainland and international visitors. 2021 has seen an improvement in hotel performance compared to the year before, with demand for quarantine hotels, staycations and extended-stay offerings providing a much-needed boost for some hotels.

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Colliers Flash | Retail Investment: Time to bottom-fish as more positive signals emerge

25/11/2021 -Colliers

Retail properties have been increasingly sought-after, and the report reveals that the next six months will be a good timing for investors to bottom-fish, backed by a strong return of veteran investors targeting retail assets.

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Fraud & corruption in the pharmaceutical industry in China

25/11/2021 - Mazars

This article will introduce various unethical fraud and corruption activities that are common in China's pharmaceutical industry, as well as the related challenges and risks of running business in this industry, especially during the pandemic.

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Winning in the New Workplace: Insights from Asian CEOs

03/11/2021 - Lim-Loges & Masters

In this whitepaper, Lim-Loges & Masters spoke to Asia’s most senior business leaders from companies including Syngenta, BMW Group, Eu Yan Sang, Mieyume and URGO Group, and got their insights about staying ahead of the curve despite the accelerated changes caused by Covid-19. They also shared how they are managing advancing digital transformation, upskilling employees and creating value through innovative new business models to build value within their organisations.

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Colliers Quarterly | Q3 2021 | Investment

19/10/2021 - Colliers

The Hong Kong economy remained on track for recovery in Q3 2021, which further strengthened investor confidence across different sectors of the real estate market. Industrial assets remained popular among investors, with them accounting for 45% of the overall transactions concluded in Q3. Moreover, individual/private investors became more active, in particular in the retail sector.

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Colliers Quarterly | Q3 2021 | Office

19/10/2021 - Colliers

The revival of business activities, office leasing demand and rental rates has led to further improvement in vacancy performance in Q3 2021. Overall net absorption rebounded to 70,900 sq. ft., the first positive quarter since Q3 2019, taking the overall vacancy rate to 10.4%. Rental correction continued to decelerate and overall rent edged down by 0.3% QOQ, compared to the drop of 1.6% QOQ in Q2.

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The KPMG 2021 CEO Outlook

28/09/2021 - KPMG

CEOs of the world’s largest businesses are increasingly optimistic about the outlook for their own business and despite the Delta variant slowing down the ‘return to normal’, their confidence in the global economy has returned to levels not seen since the start of the pandemic. The KPMG 2021 CEO Outlook collected more than 1,300 views from global CEOs on their strategies and outlook over a 3-year horizon.

Drawing on the perspectives of 1,325 chief executives across 11 major markets, this year’s survey offers a lens on how today’s connected CEOs are plugged-in, people-first and purpose-led. Overall, three themes emerged: the road to renewal and leaders’ optimism about the path to growth, the importance of following through on a trusted purpose by driving bold environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs, and the determination of CEOs to instill new levels of digital agility.

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Colliers Radar | Revisiting the CBD Grade A office space

27/09/2021 - Colliers

Through revisiting the landscape of the current CBD Grade A office market, the report explores the different dynamics of the submarket and provides recommendations for landlords and occupiers.

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Senior living: Hong Kong’s new investment horizon

17/09/2021 - Colliers

This report provides a deep dive into the senior living sector, which is highly likely to become a significant sector of interest for real estate investors. It is estimated that senior living assets in Hong Kong have the potential to provide a yield of up to 3.25% per annum, outperforming upper estimates of residential and Grade A office assets of 2.4% and 2.6%, respectively.

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Payroll in the UK | Hawksford

19/08/2021 - Hawksford

This article from Hawksford explores the setting up of PAYE and payroll, UK employers' obligations, and operating PAYE (including what to pay employees, pensions, and paid leave).

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Crown white paper

09/08/2021 - Crown

In this white paper, Crown looks at a range of perspectives, including the often over-looked needs of unmarried couples and same-sex partnerships. Through these the current global picture for accompanying partners is explored, and 5 trends that global mobility and immigration experts are working towards to improve equality for accompanying partners are revealed.

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Colliers Quarterly | Q2 2021 | Industrial

16/07/2021 - Colliers

The industrial sector outperformed other key property sectors and continued to recover, with capital and rental appreciation recorded in Q2. Given the relatively stable demand and the limited new supply of industrial assets in the next five years, we expect landlords will likely to stay firm on rents during lease renewals.

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Colliers Quarterly | Q2 2021 | Retail

16/07/2021 - Colliers

Retail sales grew by 11.2% YOY in Q2 2021 from the low base of last year, driven by the growth of sales in apparel, luxury goods and electrical goods. The worst has passed for the sector and we forecast full-year high-street rents to fall by 3% YOY in 2021, compared to  -21% and -28% YOY recorded in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

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Colliers Quarterly | Q2 2021 | Office

16/07/2021 - Colliers

Q2 2021 marked the first positive quarter for the office leasing sector since Q2 2018. Leasing activities started to pick up in the CBD, with Central and Admiralty’s quarterly net take-up rebounding to 68,300 sq. ft. NFA. We expect office demand to improve in H2 with demand from PRC finance occupiers will further pick up.

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Colliers Quarterly | Q2 2021 | Investment

16/07/2021 - Colliers

Total investment volume picked up 168% QOQ to HK$25.5 billion (US$3.3 billion) in Q2 2021, which is a noticeable increase by 190% YOY from Q2 2020. While we forecast the price level for most commercial sectors will bottom out in 2021, the next few months should provide a window of opportunity for investors to hunt for assets before prices begin to rebound from 2022 onwards. 

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Hong Kong - A city of integrity and a level playing field 

21/06/2021 - ICAC & HKBEDC

With persistent efforts of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the enduring support from the business community in cultivating an ethical business culture, Hong Kong is widely recognised as one of the cleanest places to do business today.

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Colliers Radar | Cold storage demand increasing

20/05/2021 - Colliers

The cold storage market has recently emerged as one of the more fashionable niche asset classes in Hong Kong for investors. The market has seen a rise in demand which has been fuelled by the robust growth of supermarket sales, growing popularity of online grocery orders, and the pressing need for vaccine and drug storage.

The stay-at-home arrangement brought about by COVID-19 has shifted consumer behaviour to online shopping, which has led to a surge in online frozen food and grocery sales. This has subsequently created a rising demand for cold storage facilities making it a highly sought-after, alternative industrial asset for investors.

The latest Colliers Radar takes a deep dive into the cold storage asset class and provides entry routes to this sub-sector for investors.

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Colliers Quarterly | Q1 2021 | Office

16/04/2021 - Colliers

Despite the overall negative net take-up recorded at -459,400 sq. ft. NFA as of Q1 2021, office leasing sentiment has slightly picked up. The overall Grade A office rents dropped by 2.0% QOQ in Q1 2021, the lowest drop over the past three quarters which demonstrated the pace of rental correction moderated. There have been more enquiries and inspections witnessed across different submarkets, particularly around the CBD area.

Read the report to find out more about how the office leasing sector performed in Q1 and explore its hidden opportunities.


Colliers Quarterly | Q1 2021 | Investment

16/04/2021 - Colliers

In Q1 2021, the property investment sector saw a slight pick-up in transaction volume, where there was positive YOY growth in office, industrial and retail sectors. Total investment volume reached HK$10.1 billion (US$1.3 billion), up 30% YOY. Institutional investors have become more active with their transactions accounting for over half of the total investment volume, with most of them favouring industrial assets.

Read the report to find out more about how the sector performed in Q1 and explore its hidden opportunities for investors. 


Calling the bottom of the office market in 2021

07/04/2021 - Colliers

This research examines the current market data for Hong Kong Grade A offices to understand the latest strata-title trends, opportunities and recommendations for real estate stakeholders.

Since the US-China trade tension in 2018, investment sentiment in the office market has been subdued with overall office prices falling by a total of 23% between the last peak in Q3 2018 and Q1 this year. Taking this into consideration, the report suggests that now is the opportune time for investors and end-users to consider strata-title office options.

Key takeaways:

  • Leveraging the office market’s rental and price corrections, now is the opportune time to enter the strata-title office market as we expect the market to bottom out during mid-2021
  • Grade A office space in Hong Kong Island’s CBD areas will have great investment potential, given the limited supply of strata-title office options and the submarket’s promising prospects
  • Kowloon office market with higher availability should offer more options with attractive pricing for investors


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Offshore wind: what can Asia learn from Europe?

11/03/2021 - Arup

As the world moves on from its dependency on fossil fuels, the transition to using renewable sources is gathering momentum. This is especially true in Asia, where investment in offshore wind power is growing significantly. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IREA) estimates that by 2050, Asia will be a global leader in wind power and will account for over 60% of all offshore wind capacity installed globally.  What are the challenges facing the market and how can the region grasp this opportunity?  From weather conditions to seismic challenges, this article explores the potential of the industry and the lessons that can be taken from the European market.

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Rising Investment Demand in Industrial Assets

05/03/2021 - Colliers

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the mounting economic uncertainty, Hong Kong’s industrial sector was relatively resilient in 2020. Supported by trade recovery, the removal of the Double Stamp Duty and the sector’s positive long-term outlook, we expect this sector will continue to attract interest throughout 2021.

Key takeaways:

  • Investment market sentiment for industrial assets has improved since the start of 2021, with transaction volume in January-February surpassing the previous three quarters
  • Institutional investors and real estate funds have become more active after a quiet 2020
  • Cold storage, logistics facilities and data centres maintain their position as attractive investment assets


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Things You Should Know When It Comes To Succession Planning and Wealth Transfer

10/02/2021 - Quilter International

Passing your assets to the next generations is more than just setting up a will. It requires careful planning and only with the right structure in place can your estate be passed on to your loved ones as you wish, efficiently and in a controlled manner. This research aims to understand how high net worth investors (HNWIs) approach their wealth and their attitudes towards succession planning.

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Hong Kong Market Outlook 2021

28/01/2021 - Colliers

Taking a macro view of the economy and its impact on the overall real estate market, this report looks at recent performance and an in-depth analysis of Hong Kong’s core sectors: investment, office, retail and industrial.

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