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The Chamber's bi-monthly magazine is printed and circulated to our members both in Hong Kong and overseas as well as being digitally available online. It is distributed in a number of social clubs, British Airways and Cathay Pacific business class lounges, as well as on-board British Airways flights between London and Hong Kong.

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Britain in Hong Kong: Jan-Feb Issue 76

In the latest issue of Britain in Hong Kong, “EXPLORING ASEAN”, we provide insights on the opportunities for manufacturing growth and supply chain optimisation in Southeast Asia. Manufacturing companies investing in Southeast Asia can accelerate growth by having a deep understanding of the operating landscape and maintaining agile supply chain strategies. As companies around the world are looking to recover from the pandemic, there’s no better time to embark on their manufacturing expansion and supply chain reimagination plans than now.

This issue also includes a letter from the Chamber Chairman who provides an overview on what the Chamber has been up to over the past couple of months. This includes our Digital Health Symposium, our continued work on the Chief Executive’s Policy Address by examining some of the bold proposals (including the Northern Metropolis Development Strategy), our COVID-19 survey results, and finally, an announcement to share our award as “2021 International Chamber of Year".

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