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Prudential’s New PRUhealth Critical Illness Extended Care Offers Multiple Coverage on Major Diseases and Extra Protection for Removals of Benign Tumours


(12 April 2018 – Hong Kong) Prudential Hong Kong Limited (“Prudential”) today announced the launch of PRUhealth critical illness extended care, which comes with two key features for a more comprehensive protection. The new plan, which covers 118 disease conditions, offers extended coverage of up to 320% on three of Hong Kong’s common causes of death – cancer, heart attack and stroke[1] – even after a claim for a major disease has been made. It is a unique critical illness plan in the market offering extra protection for the surgical removal of covered benign tumours. Prudential also announced its support to local social enterprise Diamond Cab to roll out the Prudential x Diamond Cab Community Rides Service as an initiative to meet the transportation needs of both chronic patients and the wheelchair-bound.

To help ease the financial burden of multiple critical illness diagnoses, PRUhealth critical illness extended care will pay out up to 80% of the sum assured for each of the two diagnoses of cancer and for each of two heart attacks or strokes[2], up to a total of 320% of the current sum assured. Such extended protection is offered even after a claim for a major disease benefit has been made.

[1] Source: Department of Health website: Leading cause of all deaths in 2016

[2] Before the life assured reaches age 86 (age next birthday)



The GREAT Festival of Innovation to host over 50 satellite events across Asia to celebrate UK innovation and creative spark


The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is proud to have been a supporting partner for the GREAT Festival of Innovation by hosting a number of satellite events alongside the main conference itself. The GREAT festival is the UK government’s single largest international event that took place this year and brought with it a number of key industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who shared valuable insight on the future of business.


Press Statement from British Consulate General in Hong Kong on UK Student Visas


The British Consulate General in Hong Kong is aware of delays to Hong Kong students receiving their visas to study in the UK. The Consul General has spoken to both the Chief Executive and the Chief Secretary about the issue and we will continue to work closely with them in the coming days.

We greatly value the decision by Hong Kong students to study in the UK and understand that preparing to study overseas is a stressful time and getting a response to visa applications within the timeframe that you are expecting is a fundamental part of that process. The British Consulate would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by these delays. The overall picture is that 99% of student visa applicants in Hong Kong are successful and the vast majority receive a decision within 15 days.

This is the busiest time of the year for UK visa applications and for some cases recently – not just in Hong Kong - it has not been possible to process these within the usual timescales. The UK Consulate General does not handle visas, but is in constant contact with the relevant authority, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and has been assured that they are looking into these individuals’ cases as a matter of urgency and that they are working flat out to ensure that outstanding applications are resolved as quickly as possible. Many visas have been issued in recent days.

UKVI will be in touch directly with applicants as soon as an application has been processed or if further information is required. Applicants should keep an eye out for communications from UKVI, including checking spam folders.

We encourage any students planning to take up a course in the UK to submit their visa application in good time.  Prospective students should be assured that UKVI is still committed to delivering an excellent service for visa customers in Hong Kong and are working hard to ensure that all cases submitted now are dealt with as quickly as possible.


China-Britain Business Council and The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong join forces to help their members win more business



British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong – Appointment of Executive Director



Andrew Weir re-elected as Chairman of The British Chamber of Commerce 2015-2016



The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Announces Appointment of Executive Director



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