Establishing the Facts: Investigative Interviewing Skills

Establishing the Facts: Investigative Interviewing Skills

Establishing the Facts: Investigative Interviewing and Interpreting Behavioural Indicators



James Ellender, Managing Director APAC, Futurum


There are several situations where you may be required to perform an investigative interview. Too often, these interviews are conducted without professional training or following a specific methodology, and the risk (and cost) of getting it wrong can be significant. 

It is imperative to uncover the facts of why an event or situation occurred and verify the truth as soon as possible. By undertaking an expeditious investigation with the correct interviewing techniques, you install confidence in your processes and people, and protect trust within and outside your organisation.

During this webinar, James will address the following:

  • How to create an interview methodology based upon specific objectives;
  • Behavioural indicators or cues that people display under stress and how to identify them;
  • How to correctly interpret behavioural indicators that expedite the discovery phase during an interview;
  • How to clarify and challenge inconsistencies to obtain and accurate account of the facts;
  • How to summarise or record the interview for compliance purposes.


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    About the speaker

    James Ellender, Managing Director APAC at Futurum, has been involved in the security and risk industry for over two decades. He spent ten years working in law enforcement, as a specialist detective for covert, intelligence led and sensitive operations in the United Kingdom. Following this, James worked with governments and global organisations advising, consulting and delivering training on strategic and tactical practices to protect and enhance their organisational capabilities.




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    9/15/2020 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
    China Standard Time

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