The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Takes Part in CBBC China Outbound Conference 2017

The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Takes Part in CBBC China Outbound Conference 2017

Andrew Seaton, Executive Director of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, recently took part in the CBBC China Outbound Conference 2017 in Shenzhen with over 400 listed companies.

The conference focused on the latest investment policies, new trends in key industries, and case studies of successful investments in the UK. China is becoming more experienced in overseas business and, even though the UK’s decision to leave the EU has raised some uncertainty, the UK still remains one of the top destinations for Chinese investors.

Key topics discussed at the conference were: The UK’s experience in commercialisation of new technology; the impact of Brexit on the financial services industry; application of AI and big data in healthcare sectors; and Chinese acquisition of British retail brands.

British Chamber members led a discussion on how using Hong Kong, and partnering with Hong Kong based companies, can help Chinese companies successfully manage and execute their overseas investment plans.

Executive Director Andrew Seaton opened the session, followed by a presentation by Charles Ng of Invest Hong Kong. The panel discussion was led by Chamber Infrastructure Forum Vice Chair, Catherine Li of Atkins, and also included Chamber Vice Chair Peter Burnett of Standard Chartered; Paul Lengthorn of Mott MacDonald; and Cynthia Leung of JLT. Lu Gang, of CGN, China’s largest nuclear engineering company, also provided a mainland company perspective.

Andrew Seaton said afterwards: “this was the first time this annual Outbound Investment Conference has come to Shenzhen. We were delighted to be invited to put together this panel, which provided a great opportunity to demonstrate the ways in which Chamber members and other Hong Kong companies, and making use of Hong Kong as a platform, can really support the successful delivery of outbound investment projects by Chinese companies.”