Diversity of Thinking: “The New Frontier”

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Diversity of Thinking: “The New Frontier”

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Most organisations recognise the value of diversity and tick all the demographic boxes of gender, age, race, sexual preference, impairment, religion and ethnicity. However, to really increase performance, companies are now looking beyond demographic diversity.

In a recent study, Deloitte reported that “Diversity of thinking is the new frontier”*. More and more research shows that teams with cognitive diversity (differences in perceiving and processing information) are significantly better and faster at problem-solving, innovating and collaborating.

This interactive session will show you how to leverage thinking diversity and enhance all aspects of business, including leadership, strategic planning, communication, branding and recruitment.

*Deloitte: The Diversity and Inclusion Revolution, January 2018


About the speaker

Chris Durkin is the CEO of Q3global, a company specialising in strategic collaboration.
He has 25 years of experience in over 30 countries advising C-suite and helping organisations to develop strategies, prepare for change, communicate effectively and build collaborative cultures.

Chris works with clients from all industries including: AIA, American Express, BHP Billiton, Cisco, The Hong Kong Government, The Jardine Group, Oracle and Standard Chartered Bank.

Chris has a background is information design and corporate communications. An award-winning graphic designer, he has created hundreds of presentations for IPOs, product launches and financial roadshows for Fortune 500 companies.


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Diversity of Thinking: “The New Frontier”

Tue, November 27, 2018
12:30 PM - 02:00 PM

Chris Durkin, CEO, Q3global

Level 3, The British Consulate-General, 1 Supreme Court Road, Queensway, Hong Kong. Please enter from Justice Drive, directly opposite Asia Society.
Contact Person:
Yammie Yuen
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