A message from our Chairman - Mark Greenberg


I am honoured to have been elected as Chairman of your Chamber and also delighted that Anne Kerr and Peter Burnett have agreed to become Vice Chairs for the next two years.  We, together with the newly-elected General Committee and the Chamber Executive, look forward to serving in our roles.

I would like to record our thanks to the outgoing Chairman, Andrew Weir, for his excellent leadership over the last two years and his valuable contribution to the Chamber over a much longer period.  I would also like to thank Andrew Seaton and the whole team within the Chamber Executive for their hard work day-to-day delivering high quality services to members.

The Chamber is an organization run for the benefit of its members.  It has never been in better shape to carry out its activity but, aside from the General Committee and Executive, vital contributions are made by many others, on a voluntary basis. This engagement is a key to the Chamber’s success, and I encourage every member to get involved, whether as any individual or organization, in whatever way you are able to, in order to support the Chamber’s further growth and development.


Mark Greenberg

Jardine Matheson Ltd