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Decarbonising Construction

09/01/2020: Gammon
Buildings and construction are responsible for 39% of global carbon emissions. Sobering though that figure is, it does mean the potential exists to make dramatic reductions.
In the latest issue of our "Britain in Hong Kong" magazine, Emma Harvey, Group Sustainability Manager, Gammon Construction, explains how both project proponents and contractors should be setting ambitious targets to reduce carbon, and how setting such targets stimulates innovation and can reduce costs in the long run.
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How Luxury Can Fix Fashion

02/01/2020: Delta Global
The acceleration of the ‘fast fashion’ business model has encouraged over-consumption and excessive waste in a world enduring environmental crisis. While fast fashion is easily disposable and less likely to be re-used or re-sold, luxury, high-end goods re-circulate revenue and recyclability be it through re-sale, donation or second-hand use.
In the latest issue of our "Britain in Hong Kong" magazine, Robert Lockyer, CEO of Delta Global, explains how introducing luxury into your life can stop the current trend for throw-away fashion. 
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